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Types of Zombie – How many Zombie are there?

They’re all just Zombies right? Not really, there is some debate about how many types of zombie there are, some people think just two, others think three and some people may think there are about 27891(maybe not, i just made that number up.. But maybe?) I’m going to go with four types.


These are the original Zombies. Possibly risen from the dead by black magic / voodoo priests. These aren’t everyone’s favourite flesh eating nightmares but interesting nonetheless. A mindless horde under control of an evil priest sent to do his bidding. Zombis date back nearly 200 years in the English language, and have featured regularly in horror fiction, and were first Immortalised in films like White Zombie (1932)

Slow Zombies

Brought into popular culture by George A. Romero and the Living Dead Films this is what anyone who grew up in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s thinks of as a proper Zombie. Slow, shambling, relentless. These dudes don’t stop their mindless search for food, always shuffling down your street, infecting those that they bite. Never noticing any injury, or suffering any discomfort they’ll walk, crawl and drag themselves after food. The only way to stop them is fatal head trauma. These are the “Walkers” that Rick Grimes and his friends have so much fun with in The Walking Dead.walking-dead-zombie

Fast Zombies/Infected

28-days-laterTypified by films such as 28 Days Later these may or may not be undead, they do hunger for flesh and a small bite or scratch could spell the end for you. These Zeds are fast, faster than the host was when alive/before infection they can run, jump who knows what else, they’ll smash their way into your home, eat your labrador and throw the bones round the room. Severe head trauma will put them down, but it’s also possible that wound to the heart will stop them in their tracks too and If you want to loan to play this game visit This new portal unsecured loans bad credit uk.

Hybrid Zombies

This is pretty much everything else, zombies that can talk or operate machinery, those which are self aware and don’t just hunger for brains. Zombies that are normal apart from the full moon. Think films like Warm Bodies, or I Zombie on TV. There is almost any combination available out there in books or on TV/Film. If you want a half vampire vegan zombie, there’s probably one out there. Check this out Streaming Full Movie Going in Style (2017) Skyvue

How about you… which ones do you count as real Zombies.. How many types do you think there are?

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