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Top 10 Zombie Books

Zombie books are fast selling books, both in online books online and traditional bookstores. The popularity of zombie books can be attributed. Try to the growing interest game, generated by these animated carnivorous creatures worldwide.

If you like zombies, then you should already have read the zombie survival guide. But if you have not

Here is a list of the ten zombie books that every zombie fan should know:

1) Grey Dogs: Zombie Survival

This book by Ian DG Sandusky speaks of an epidemic that spares no one. Once infected with the viral infection, a zombie is far more dangerous than the grey dogs.


2) Cell

This bloody and horrible Stephen King novel is a tribute to the world famous author of zombie movies. The book, which talks about terrorism and war technology and the use of mobile phones to clean the brain of humanity, is for riveting readers not to put it down until the last page.


3). The Zombie Survival Guide:

Max Brooks write this guide, and it has full details about zombies and is a must for anybody that wants to understand how the zombie works and how it can be ready in case of an attack tool.


4). World War Z:

Another must-read Zombie book of Max Brooks, but this time, speaks of the zombie war and stories of people who survived the epidemic.


5). The Ministry of Zombies: Official Zombie Handbook

This zombie book by Sean T. shows that undead has been human beings, even before the start of the story. What is interesting is that outbreaks in Rome and ancient Babylonia have been documented. Everyone needs this guide to surviving a zombie attack today.


6). The Zombie Survival Guide: Attacks recorded

Max Brooks reaches the top 10 for the third time in this collection of stories from different zombie attacks that have occurred. The stories are very short, so it is an easy read.


7). Zombies: A Record of the Year of Infection

Don Roff speaks from an unknown illness that turned out to be a plague of zombies. The thriller zombie apocalypse 2011 is disclosed to the world through the magazine of a biologist who observed the behavior of the zombies on the road.

Day-by-Day-Armageddon-0-08). Day by Day Armageddon

New thriller JL Bourne will be a gift for lovers of Zombie. It shows how undead has risen to claim the planet starting with the United States. A US naval officer explains the story through his magazine.


9). The Zombie Survival Guide:

The Zombie book is written by Etienne Guerin DeForest and will teach you how to survive the zombie apocalypse in style. There is a caveat, though; you can read this book only if you have a strong mind.


10). I Am legend

This book b Richard Matheson owes its popularity to the movie starring Will Smith. You can still enjoy the book even if you’ve seen the movie. After all, any story about the plague and the zombies will always be an interesting read especially when you realize that a man offers hope for humanity.

You can expect more bestselling Zombie books in the future as people interest in Zombies increase and the price will too. Check here to get instant cash to buy zombie collection books!

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