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Top 10 Zombie Video Games

Here are the list of our favourite top 10 Zombie video games.

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1) Seven Days to Die

This crowd-funded favorite zombie game is about survival. Interactions with practically all objects in the vicinity of the place of residence add to the excitement as you are looking forward to seeing what the environment can offer. You have to stack up on supplies and weapons during the day and prepare for battle as zombies take over the world overnight. This action game based on time will bring much action as you live to fight another day.


2) Dying Light

Dying light can have a similar style of play compared to seven days to die unless you meet other survivors, like yourself, and you are not entirely free from the shackles and the danger of zombies, even during the day. They simply are weakened by sunlight but are not out of your hair.


3) Lifeless

Lifeless add some team spirit to the mix of zombies games. Here you have to team up with fellow real life players to survive a zombie infestation. No one can defend a brain-craving monster seeking to tear up any human being in sight, without help. Great co-op games.


4) Dead Space 2

One of the best entertaining zombie games, Dead Space 2 is the second launching of the hit game based on the success of zombie stories with In this Zombie game, your goal is not just to survive these animated beings but to discover where they came from in a bid to impact a great change.


5) Roam

Roam brings different variety to Zombie Survival providing the option to survive in many ways. You can use the buildings for defense or the option to customize your character to defend yourself using powerful weapons. Everything depends on you, but the ultimate goal is the same, to survive.

dead rising

6) Dead Rising 2

If you are seeking for variety, Dead Rising 2 could be perfect for you. Enjoy the freedom to use what you can find as a weapon and see how each of the different weapons you can use to get these mindless creatures , Check out


7) The Last of us

The Last of Us combines the thrills of the fight against a zombie invasion with some higher quality narrative history. Engage on a complete journey as your character evolves and has to make tough decisions to succeed.


8) Sunset Overdrive

This is a zombie game that brings an update on zombies fighting. It is a aclsed Zombie game platform in which you have to keep jumping and running through hoops to get various undead creatures in a way that is not destructive.

walking dead

9) The Walking Dead

This game needs no introduction. If you like the show, you will enjoy this. It’s like an interactive comic, where every decision you make has an effect on what happens. Great fun for all Walking Dead fans.


10) Resident Evil – The Remake

It can be one of the oldest zombie games, but still is not out of style. The nature of the game reveals the true essence of the zombie fight.

These are 10 of the best zombie games that are currently available. The main contenders may be debatable, but there is no doubt that all zombie game lovers will certainly enjoy some of these selections. More about fucking my stepdad

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Zombie Gamer image by Clare Manson.

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